Why All UK Households Should Have a Bug-Out Bag

You’ve heard of bug-out bags before, but you might not know exactly what they are or why you should have one. You may also be wondering what a bug out bag is useful for and how it differs from a first aid kit. Well, this article answers all of those questions and more. Keep reading to understand why every UK household should have a bug-out bag.

What is a Bug-Out Bag?

A bug-out bag, or BOB, is a bag that is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Typically, a BOB is used in emergency situations, such as natural disasters, power outages, and even terrorist attacks. The idea behind a BOB is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. Having a bag packed with essential survival items is a great way to ensure that you’re always ready for whatever is thrown your way. A BOB is a large, heavy-duty backpack that is packed with items that can help you survive in an emergency situation. This includes items like food and water, first aid supplies, clothing, and tools. The type of bag you have will vary based on what type of emergency situation you are most likely to encounter. For example, those who live in flood-prone areas will likely have a very different BOB than those who live in areas that rarely experience natural disasters.

Why Should All UK Households Have a Bug-Out Bag?

Having a Bug-Out Bag at the ready is always a good idea. Unfortunately, many people don’t prepare themselves properly, or they only do so when they think they need to. If you live in a part of the world that rarely experiences floods, or other natural disasters, it is easy to presume that it is an unnecessary expense, however it could be viewed as similar in principle to having a fire extinguisher.  Just because you’ve never had a housefire on your street, doesn’t mean that it isn’t wise to keep a fire extinguisher to hand.  Having a Bug-Out Bag full-stocked and ready to go could be the difference between life and death in certain circumstances.

The Importance of Having a First Aid Kit in Your BOB

Just like any other type of bag, you’ll want to make sure you have the right items inside your BOB. You should have both a first aid kit and a survival kit. The first aid kit should have all of the items you would normally find in a first aid kit, as well as any prescription medications you or your family members need. The fact is that you never know when or where you’ll be injured or sick. Having a first aid kit with you will allow you to quickly treat your injuries until you can get to a doctor. A first aid kit should always include the following items:

– Adhesive bandages: These are helpful for covering small wounds.

– Antibiotic ointment: This is a great way to prevent infections.

– Antiseptic wipes: These are perfect for cleaning wounds.

– Gauze: This is helpful for wrapping cuts and wounds.

– Hydrogen peroxide: This is great for killing bacteria and viruses.

– Medical scissors: These are helpful for cutting bandages.

– Medical tape: This is great for keeping gauze in place.

– Pain relievers: These are helpful for dealing with aches and pains.

– Pads: These are helpful for absorbing blood.

– Scissors: These are helpful for cutting medical tape.

– Basic first aid instructions: Having instructions on how to properly clean and bandage wounds is crucial. You might think you know how to treat wounds, but your mind might be too busy to remember what to do in an emergency situation. Having basic first aid instructions will help you treat your wounds correctly.

Other Items You Should Always Have in Your BOB

  • Food: Emergency calorie rich foods such as energy bars, long-life food and freeze dried meals will ensure that you are able to stay well fed in a disaster or survival situation. Specialist survival bug-out bag food can be purchased from a wide range of retailers.
  • Cash: Cash is always useful in an emergency situation. You never know when you’ll need to buy items in person instead of online. Having cash on hand will allow you to do what you need to do when you need to do it.
  • Duct tape: This is a multi-use survival tool. You can use it to fix clothing, seal boxes, and more.
  • Emergency blanket: An emergency blanket can help keep you warm in cold temperatures.
  • Extra medication: You never know when you’ll need to take an extra dose of medication. It’s better to have too much than not enough.
  • Extra pair of glasses: If you or your family members wear glasses, you should have an extra pair handy.
  • Hiking boots: Having hiking boots on hand is a great way to protect your feet while hiking.

Things to consider when creating your own Bug Out Bag

  • Bag size: The bag you choose should have enough room to fit all of the items you need. However, you don’t want to choose a bag that’s too big. Having too large of a bag can make it difficult to transport your BOB.
  • Weight: You don’t want to choose a bag that’s too heavy. You should be able to carry your BOB without much difficulty.
  • Ease of use: You want to choose a bag that’s easy to open and close. You don’t want to be fumbling with your BOB in an emergency situation.
  • Extra pockets: Some bags have extra pockets for storing items like medication. Having extra pockets is a great way to keep your BOB organized.
  • Price: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a BOB. You can find decent bags at a variety of price points.

Bottom line

If you’re like most people, you don’t ever want to have to use your BOB. However, when you have one prepared, you’re ready for whatever life throws your way. The type of BOB you have will vary based on what type of emergency situation you are most likely to encounter, but there are certain key items such as food, medicine and clothing that form the foundations of every kit.